Font-de-Gaume Cave


Classified as an historical monument, the Font-de-Gaume cave is the last cavity with polychrome paintings in Aquitaine still open to the public. In 1901 Capitan, Breuil and Peyrony discovered these cave paintings of great aesthetic quality, which was a decisive argument for the recognition of cave art after the controversies surrounding Chabot, Altamira, Pairnon-Pair and La Mouthe.

More than 200 instances of painted and engraved cave art, organised in a composition and even in scenes occupy the four main parts of the 120-meter long network.

The themes, as much animal-based (dominated by bison) as nonrepresentational (quadrangular signs, tectiform designs, etc.) reinforce the interest of these artistic testimonies attributed to the Magdalenian that is part of the first great masterpieces of humanity.